CNC Machining History

CNC Machining History

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is a popular method used in the metalworking industry these days. Unlike traditional machines, by using a computerized system, CNC machines work far better in complicated shapes for various kinds of materials. You might be curious about CNC machining history, hence, read on to know the details.

Changing the System

When the method was being developed, CNC machining was aimed to be used by the U.S. Air Force in creating aircraft parts. Given the fact that manufacturing complicated parts of the airplanes could cost them very high, they turned to seek a method to do the job in a much efficient manner.

John T. Parsons and MIT thus came in a team to develop the idea of CNC machining. That was around 1940s when the method was designed. Since that year, many developments were made to improve the ability of the machine. In 1967, the idea of CNC machine began spreading to the public and in 1972, CAD and CAM programs started to be applied to the machine.

What Makes It Special

Traditional machine (numerical control machine) made use of G-codes that enable the machine to locate its positions. The control put on the codes was done manually in NC machines, yet in CNC machines, a computer is employed to carry the task. Even in more advanced technology, namely parametric program, logical commands are added such that they can work together with G-codes. This advanced program allows users to adjust and access system parameters in a much easier way.

The result made by this improvement is clear; more accuracy, productivity, and efficiency. CNC machines offer much comfortable process in metalworking as the number of accident can be decreased. These machines are able to reduce the risk because the computerized system lessens the interaction between human and the tools.

Firstly developed for a military purpose, CNC machining is now a standard method for the industry. It is accurate, efficient and less accident risk so that it will be a great investment to buy.

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