Toxic Plume Modelling

Toxic Plume Modelling

He has extensive expertise in CFD and turbulence. He has published about 55 international journals in high impact factors, such as Journal of Fluid Mechanics. He has developed the actual CFD package, based on his work on the lattice Boltzmann method and turbulent flows.

Features and Benefits

• A virtual wind tunnel for dynamic 3D flow modelling

• Actual wind and terrain conditions can be imported.

• Predicts pollutants trajectories and concentrations as they are dispersed into the atmosphere.

• 3D flow visualisation with virtually unlimited sampling points compared to field experiments (saving costs, time and effort).

• A powerful tool for risk management and emergency response procedure.

• At the current stage the CFD package is limited to single phase modelling, but it can be extended to dual phase modelling (e.g. precipitation of air pollutants into the river streams).

Potential Application

The CFD package provides a powerful tool to environmental agencies and industries for risk management and emergency response procedure. Its friendly user interface makes it easy for anyone with no particular expertise in fluid mechanics or turbulence to use it and run “what if” case scenario simulations.

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