A Recap of Cool Apps

A Recap of Cool Apps

There are many web apps out there , but getting by free and good ones is not that easy. The technology has amazed all of us with the innovation related to the digital world. Many people all over have become more involved in online activities than they would have ever dreamed of.

Most of us were fascinated by the Apple IPad(Tablet), Geo (Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, mobile location-aware search, etc.), Realtime Search (an option on google) and Android(Smartphone). Some are still being played and some like Chrome OS. These all which we saw above are very familiar to us, but the list which I am going to give is something which you know and never bothered to know much. Read each entry in the list and see which tool suits your needs best.

Print What You Like: Any page Any time

I think people are now fed up with printing web pages to check what is there on personal web page and in order to remove unnecessary ads from your page now you can use this “Print what you Like” its nothing but a free online editor that lets you format your webpage and later on you can print the web page within less span of time.


Get rid of those boundaries created by PDF, with “PDFunlock” you can remove those restrictions of copying text, editing, and printing files from PDF files.


Searching on Gedoo.com is simple and doesn’t make much difference with the search that you make on Google, Ask or Yahoo. You have an option in this where you can make any desired search engine as your Primary search engine among the available 7200 search engines.


You may not be knowing the first icon diary & online journal that keeps a record of your day to day life and lives of your friends even, its nothing but “Daileez”. Here you can use what you experienced and put an icon that suits best with your today’s activity. If you want to showcase more about yourself you can even add a detailed text description of your activity.


It is a free service to view and share high-resolution images. Here you just give a link to any image on the web, and it will give you a magnificent way to experience it along with a short URL also.

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