Top 5 Travel apps for iPhone and iPad

Top 5 Travel apps for iPhone and iPad

Travel apps are of great aid to those who are bothered more about traveling than anything else in their life. It’s always smart to get the latest travel apps on your iPhone and iPad instead of those hefty guides and delicate maps when you plan to go on for all new places. These travel apps are meant to make your life easier and comfortable by directing you to the right way. Here you follow to get some of the best travel apps that you bound to find for getting around

1. My Travel Log

It’s an ideal app for travelers, business travelers, and travel writers. My Travel Log app lets you record your last day’s activities like where you went and what you were doing. It’s such a brilliant reader of your travel log that now you can count the number of tequila shots you had in your last night’s hangout from your handy iPhone/iPad. It not only does that but also records the GPS of your travel map so that you can figure out your travel log.

2. Zagat

Zagat on iPhone and iPad is one of the best apps that bring you with different styles of high-quality food. Everyone wants to have good food and no doubt this app is perfect for you. You get all the restaurants’ ratings and reviews from around 45 trusted guides. By the way, this app when on offline mode also allows you to search for restaurants which are actually a cool aspect of this app. This great app has got advanced search, filtering, reservation, recommendation, ratings, reviews, maps, photos which are added features.

3. Kayak

When you are planning for a trip, the foremost thing you have to take care of is booking a cheap and best flights tickets and the hotel where you are going to halt, the car rents in that place. Now you don’t have to mess up your brain as kayak app on your iPhone/iPad gives you the details of agents who can help you with it. You can also track your flight status by getting in contact with your airline for a picture-clear journey.

4. Tripit

Now iPhone and iPad lets you access with TripIt app. It is the event organizer for all the plans that you made for your long trip. TripIt creates a master itinerary for your trip providing maps, driving directions and local weather. This app also provides access to itineraries for shared trips and gives alerts for your TripIt network.

5.MyLanguage PRO

MyLanguage PRO on iPhone and iPad is a robust translation solution that helps you to tackle with 53 languages. Transliteration helps you with reading Translations and assist with Pronunciation. The listening option is also available where you can hear 20 Languages with New HQ quality voices. It’s an exclusive app that shows translated text in face to face communications.

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