CryptoGram Folder

CryptoGram Folder

Since the introduction of IT, data is being transmitted, received and stored in electronic formats. Whether it’s on your notebook, a network server or flying across the world via e-mail, your data is in a vulnerable state to whoever wants it.

The reality is that serious hacking tools are available to anyone willing to spend a few minutes searching the Internet. Simple password protection no longer provides enough security. On the other hand, high maintenance security procedures can be so cumbersome that they will be ignored eventually. What is needed is non-intrusive, yet effective data security. CryptoGram Folder is exactly that. Using 128 bit AES or Triple DES encryption, CryptoGram Folder offers the highest security level you can find. Balancing this incredible strength is CryptoGram Folder’s ease of use. Protect your files With CryptoGram Folder, you can protect all your files by simply moving them to a special directory. All data stored inside this directory will be encrypted when written and decrypted when read. Network directories can also be encrypted in order to share confidential files with trusted colleagues. Additionally, encrypted files can be compressed automatically. Encrypt your drive Besides file and folder encryption, CryptoGram Folder enables you to create one or more virtual encrypted drives called CryptoDrive. A CryptoDrive is an encrypted container that is typically stored on a your PCs hard drive or on a network file server. Since a CryptoDrive can be of any size, it is ideal for secure storage of large files such as media files or database files.

Protect your e-mail

If your message recipients also use CryptoGram Folder and have the same encryption keys, they will be able to seamlessly access the encrypted files you send them via e-mail. If they do not have CryptoGram Folder, you can send them a self decrypting EXE or ADF file. CryptoGram Folder is compatible with all e-mail applications. Remove all traces of your confidential files CryptoGram Folder can delete files or directories permanently from your hard disk, preventing anyone from retrieving them. You simply click on the file or directory to be erased, or drag it to the CryptoTrash icon on your desktop. Key recovery mechanism. With the key recovery mechanism, security officers can gain access to encrypted data by using a master encryption key. This enables organizations to have access to their protected files in case of an emergency. Product features 128bit AES and CryptoGram Triple DES encryption Multi-user capable with private or shared keys Support for wide variety of key holders: smart card, USB key, hard disk, etc.

Workstation lock after period of inactivity

Virtual drive encryption

File and directory encryption

Self decrypting file generation

Restrictions on encryption to protect system files

Optional data compression

Secure erase

User or system defined key generation

Key backup and restore

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